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We continue to highlight where research & development is needed to address urgent health needs in places where MSF works and to analyse and promote new models of innovation that benefit those most in need. 

2. May 2016.

R&D Report: Lives on the Edge

In this report, MSF illustrates how our staff and patients around the world are impacted by the way biomedical research and development is predominantly conducted today, and looks at a broad range of policies aimed at changing this dynamic.




Innovation: The Issues

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Learn how the current model of R&D is failing patients in the developing world and MSF's work to support alternative models.

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Push, pull and pool: accelerating innovation and access for new treatment regimens for TB
Current modes of research and development have failed to deliver new and better TB regimens to patients; as such, MSF and others are proposing a new way to conduct TB regimen research, in the form of the 3P project...

Tags: 3Ps Project, drug pipeline, drug-resistant TB, CEWG

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