Driving Medical Innovation

We continue to highlight where research & development is needed to address urgent health needs in places where MSF works and to analyse and promote new models of innovation that benefit those most in need. 

3. December 2014
Push Pull Pool

PUSH, PULL, POOL: Accelerating Innovation and Access to Medicines for Tuberculosis

The ‘3P Project’ (Push, Pull, Pool) aims to create an open collaborative framework for TB drug regimen development to deliver much needed new treatments faster » READ MORE



Innovation: The Issues

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Learn how the current model of R&D is failing patients in the developing world and MSF's work to support alternative models.

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Featured multimedia

Fatal Neglect: The Global Health Revolution's Forgotten Patients
Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), VII Photo, and UNION HZ present FATAL NEGLECT, a six-part film project, that tells the stories of millions of patients left behind by the global health revolution...

Tags: R&D, alternative R&D mechanisms, neglected diseases, Chagas, drug-resistant TB, tuberculosis, kala azar, sleeping sickness, global health funding

MSF & Medical Innovation

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Find out more about how MSF has piloted innovative ways to increase our capacity for rapid response in the often challenging situations where we operate.

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Driving Medical Innovation Facts

Because very few children are infected with HIV in rich countries pharmaceutical companies have no commercial incentive to develop drugs or tests that will work for children

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