Neglected Diseases

Stimulating awareness about the urgent need for new, better treatment and tests for diseases like leishmaniasis, sleeping sickness and Chagas Disease is key to our work.

26. March 2013

Better Tools & Treatment needed for Buruli Ulcer

Existing diagnostic tools and treatments are failing to deliver simple, effective care to people with the serious skin infection, Buruli Ulcer. 

» REPORTTreating Buruli Ulcer: A Review of Prospects for Existing Antibiotics and New Therapeutics

» BRIEFINGEnding the Neglect of a Disease That Impacts the Young

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NTDs: The Issues

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Learn about the issues MSF & others confront in the diagnosis and treatment of neglected diseases.

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Chagas: Silent Killer
Chagas disease is far and away Latin America’s deadliest parasitic disease, affecting 10 million people worldwide...

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MSF & Neglected Diseases

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An overview of where and how MSF is treating neglected diseases around the world.

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Neglected Diseases Facts

If untreated, sleeping sickness is 100% fatal and death follows only after prolonged agony brought on by neurological disorders.

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