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138th WHO EB - Global Vaccine Action Plan - Agenda item 9.3

Four years ago at the 2012 World Health Assembly (WHA), Member States endorsed the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP), the 2011-2020 Decade of Vaccines framework for improving vaccination for all.  The following year, WHA delegates agreed to the proposed GVAP Monitoring, Evaluation and Accountability framework, and asked for additional indicators to be tracked over the course of the decade. 

Each year, the WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) – WHO’s immunization policy-setting body – reviews progress against the GVAP targets (as reported by the Decade of Vaccines Secretariat), and issues an Assessment Report of the Global Vaccine Action Plan. The recommendations in the SAGE Assessment Report aim to outline corrective actions that the Decade of Vaccines partners and member states can take towards improving progress against the GVAP targets. At this year’s Executive Board, member states are invited to note the nine (9) recommendations outlined in the SAGE Assessment Report.