Aphe, care taker of Abino (pseudonym), 20 years old, MDR-TB patient gives her anti-TB medicines. Abino says, “I live in a big family of 10 members. Yet no one cares for me or talks to me, except my sister in law, Aphe. When I could not get up, she brought me food and water. She gives me the medicines on time every day.” Photograph by Siddharth Singh
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DR-TB Drugs Under the Microscope, 3rd Edition

Photograph by Siddharth Singh

This report focuses on just some of the many factors that hamper the scaling up of DR-TB treatment – the limited availability and high cost of quality-assured medicines for resistant strains of the disease, owing to an insecure market and insufficient demand; and the research questions that remain unsolved with existing medicines.

Also, as the R&D pipeline prepares to deliver the first new compounds for TB in close to half a century, the report provides an initial assessment of the approaches to be taken in order to radically transform our ability to respond to this plague.

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DR-TB Drugs Under the Microscope, 3rd Edition