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Eswatini: responding to COVID-19 in a setting with high rates of HIV and TB

Eswatini has the highest percentage of people living with HIV in the world. Almost one-third of adults are HIV-positive. The country is also severely affected by a tuberculosis (TB) epidemic and around 70% of all TB patients are co-infected with HIV.

COVID-19 is gaining ground in the country, and poses a threat for people with weakened immune systems and other illnesses. 

Present in the country since 2007, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has adapted the way it treats people with HIV and TB in times of COVID-19.

In this video, Michelle Daka, MSF Nurse Activity Manager, explains the innovative and creative approaches MSF teams are using in Eswatini to continue to care for people with HIV and TB during these times, including Video Observed Treatment (VOT).