Addressing Medical Challenges

The MSF Access Campaign is currently working to address the following key medical challenges: HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis c, vaccines and neglected diseases.


MSF aims to bring the best medical care possible to some of the most disadvantaged people on earth. But our medical teams face enormous challenges in delivering that optimised care. There are many reasons for this but the Access Campaign’s key focus is on the difficulties people face in getting hold of effective diagnostic tests, drugs and vaccines. 


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Getting better treatment to people earlier will prolong lives and prevent the virus from spreading.

» Read what we are doing to help scale up treatment to those in need.


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Too many children are dying of diseases that could be wiped out by immunisation.

» Read about how we are trying to boost existing coverage and get newer vaccines to the field.


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There’s still a massive hole in the pipeline for medicines for drug-resistant TB.

» Read how we are trying to support the development of better drugs.

Neglected Diseases

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Chagas, kala azar, sleeping sickness and Buruli ulcer have suffered years of neglect in terms of funding and research.

» Read about MSF’s encounters in the field with these diseases and what needs to be done.

Hepatitis c

Hep-C patient being counselled by Psychosocial counsellor at MSF Mumbai clinic on dealing with side effects of the treatment regimen - Photo by Siddharth Singh

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With an estimate of as many as 150 million people infected with hepatitis C globally, access to treatment worldwide must be scaled up.

» Read about how we are trying to ensure this through our work.

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