A woman who took her child to get vaccinated against meningitis holds the child's vaccination card at a vaccination site in Safa Dougoumi, Dosso Region, Niger on Monday April 20, 2009. Photograph by Olivier Asselin Photograph by Olivier Asselin
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The Right Shot: Extending the reach of affordable and adapted vaccines - 1st Edition, 2012

English (ENG), Spanish (ESP) and French (FR) versions available to download

1st edition
Photograph by Olivier Asselin

Lack of information on both the price and the different product characteristics of vaccines has been limiting countries’ ability to operate affordable and effective immunisation programmes.

This publication seeks to remedy some of the existing knowledge gaps by raising awareness on existing price differentials, exploring what factors drive fluctuations in vaccine prices, and discussing where development of better adapted vaccines could reduce barriers to immunisation and increase coverage levels of traditional and newer vaccines.

This publication serves as a resource for immunisation stakeholders, such as donors, implementing partners, and developing countries, which are ultimately responsible for their national immunisation programmes.

Please note that this report was updated on 8 May 2012.

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The Right Shot