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What to look out for in the Pandemic Accord: Transparency

In light of the global impact of the COVID pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) established a process to negotiate the “pandemic accord” (an agreement to better prevent, prepare for and respond to future pandemics).

Since February 2023, governments have been negotiating the text of the accord, and an outcome is expected to be presented in May 2024 at the World Health Assembly.

Over the last 50 years, MSF has been in the frontline of responding to many infectious disease outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics and is therefore able to contribute our considerable first-hand experience and expertise in tackling such events.

These experiences drive our advocacy on this issue to demand timely, equitable and affordable access to medical products such as medicines, vaccines and diagnostic tests as crucial for an effective response to health emergencies and to leave no one behind.

A written listicle and accompanying five graphics, as well as two video explainers, are shared here to explain the process and MSF’s position on the issues raised in the negotiations.