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Our Wishlist for 2024

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Our 'Wishes' for equitable access to medicines, tests and vaccines for all in 2024

This year our access dreams neatly capture a range of projects we are working on to ensure people in low- and middle-income countries get the lifesaving treatments, tests and vaccines they need. We hope they spark your interest and inspire you to engage with our work this year to make change happen.

Our overarching goal remains health equity, and we would love to have your support in the effort to ensure no one gets left behind.

Here are our six 'wishes' for 2024:

Wish #1: Insulin pens for people with diabetes

Insulin pens for people with diabetes

In 2024 we want to see the prices of insulin pens come down closer to the real costs of production, so that children and adults with diabetes living in challenging circumstances everywhere are able to manage their disease more easily.

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Wish #2: Better options for preventing HIV

better options for preventing HIV

This year we want to see people at high risk of HIV infection have more and better choices to protect themselves through preventive treatment, also known as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Access to long-acting injectable PrEP could help turn the tide against new HIV infections globally.

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Wish #3: Access to medical tests for all

Access to medical tests for all

In 2024 we want to see many more people get access to rapid and accurate medical tests, so they can get the treatment they need faster. We are urging the corporation Danaher, and its subsidiary diagnostics company Cepheid, makers of the GeneXpert testing technology used by MSF and many other health providers, to reduce the price of all its tests for TB, HIV, hepatitis and many other diseases. Such price reductions will help governments scale up testing and save more lives.

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Wish #4: Catch-up vaccines for children

Catch-up vaccines for children

This year - and beyond - we want to see more children who have missed out on their routine vaccinations, due to the COVID pandemic or other crises, get the protection they need by receiving their missed immunisation shots. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is a key player and must deliver on its decision to fund and support catch-up vaccination – including by permanently changing its policy so that all children up to at least age five can count on vaccine protection.

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Wish #5: Tackling global antimicrobial resistance

Tackling antimicrobial resistance

In 2024, we wish for strong political commitments to tackle the public health crisis of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The opportunity provided by the UN High-Level Meeting on AMR this year should spur governments to reach an ambitious international agreement with specific targets to tackle this global health threat. Any agreement must be driven by the principle of equitable and sustainable access to both existing and new antibiotics, as well as diagnostic tests, for everyone in need.

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Wish #6: Leave no one behind in the next pandemic!

Leave no one behind in the next pandemic

This year, we wish to see a global pandemic treaty that leaves no one behind when it comes to preparing for and responding to future international health emergencies. Unless health equity is enshrined and protected in any global agreement going forward, we will only see a repeat of the COVID pandemic, where many millions of people in developing countries were unfairly deprived of equitable access to lifesaving vaccines, medicines and tests.

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